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Have you suffered an accident on a motorcycle or a car and do not know which professional to turn to

Have you suffered an accident on a motorcycle or a car and do not know which professional to turn to?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), it is estimated that during 2021 at least 42,915 people died in traffic accidents, this being the highest number since 2005.

In situations as tragic as these, even in those that are milder, there are important implications that must be dealt with under the strict rigor of the law if freedom is to be preserved and due compensation to be obtained.

However, although any legal professional can assist you in the legal process of a traffic accident, there are lawyers who have a marked expertise in the field of automobiles while others specialize in matters related to motorcycles.

And, although it may seem strange, if there are marked differences in strategic terms that should lead you to lean towards one or another professional depending on the type of vehicle in which you have suffered the accident:

1.- Handling concepts

often Motorcyclists are seen as reckless, even unconsciously, by the members of the jury. This does not usually happen in car accidents.

The truth is that there are reckless drivers in both cars and motorcycles, but the worst burden is usually the latter. So an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer will be able to identify the presence of some kind of bias that is dominating the case more than the evidence itself.

In addition, he will look for ways to show that the motorcyclist has no history of recklessness in his daily life and as a driver, so that he can be judged free of all kinds of misperception.

2.- Knowledge about the operation and safety of the type of vehicle

It is possible that most or all of the members of the jury that participate in the case, have a car. But, the probability that they use motorcycles is lower.

That is why the expert motorcycle accident lawyer will have to make more of an effort to educate the jury with specific aspects of driving and safety of this class of vehicle, so that a fairer pronouncement can be generated in this regard.

3.- Type of injuries

The injuries of those who travel by car during an accident are usually less serious than those who do so on a motorcycle. These include the seat belt, air bags and the vehicle's lining, among other protection resources.

On the other hand, protection on motorcycles is almost non-existent, since they are reduced to a helmet. Hence, it is more likely to trigger permanent health conditions or fatal events.

Head trauma is one of the most common consequences, as well as broken bones or fractures. Internal injuries such as organ damage and strokes are also more likely.

Another injury that is usually suffered by a person who travels by motorcycle and that is not frequent in a car accident, is the so-called "road rash". It occurs when the body of a motorcyclist drags on the asphalt at a certain speed, thus removing layers of skin, muscle and fat, among other tissues.

In addition to these damages, disfigurement, emotional trauma and additional suffering are more likely to occur on a motorcycle. On the other hand, bad weather will affect a motorcycle driver more than a car driver.

An expert lawyer in accidents of this nature will be able to identify and quantify each of the conditions according to the type of vehicle, to determine the defense and compensation to which the event should give rise.

4.- Compensation

Like the jury, insurance companies often stigmatize motorcycle drivers, but in this case with a clear benefit. And it is that, as you should know, these companies often take any real or fictitious argument to avoid paying fair compensation for the accident.

So although the idea of ​​paying less than the corresponding amount is present in every action of this class of companies, regardless of the type of accident, the truth is that with motorcycle accidents they more easily argue the imprudence of the driver, which is not always true.

Motorcycle accidents often trigger injuries so important that they even disable all its passengers.

This requires long-term or lifelong medical care, as well as the recognition of other important items such as financial support and damages that the insurance company will surely want to avoid.

The expert lawyer will try to reach agreements or seek both evidence and witnesses that force the insurer to assume what the respective legislation and policy determine in each case.

5.- The causes of accidents

The causes of accidents are usually different depending on the type of vehicle. For example, the cause of a car accident is often:

  • Distracted driving.

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or toxic substances.

  • Driver fatigue or exhaustion.

  • Speeding.

  • Aggressive driving.

While the most common causes in motorcycle accidents are usually:

  • Hit to the motorcycle by an unexpected turn of a car.

  • Driving between the lane divisions of the roads, because there is little room to maneuver.

  • Alcohol and speeding.

  • Hit a fixed object.

  • Driving on roads with potholes, slippery substances, or other conditions dangerous to motorcyclists and their passengers.

So the cause will determine the path the case process takes.


Traffic accidents rose during the past year. If you have recently had one and need the support of a lawyer, it is important that you know that although there is no official classification of legal professionals in this regard, it is important that you get the appropriate support according to the type of vehicle in which it has produced the event.

And it is that the management of the cases will have different qualities that must be mastered from the legal point of view, to preserve freedom to the maximum and obtain the corresponding compensation.

Among the most common differences are:

  • Management of misconceptions by the jury and those involved in the process.

  • Knowledge about the operation and safety of the type of vehicle by the jury.

  • The type of injuries that occur and their quantification.

  • Compensation in detail.

  • Frequent causes of accidents.

At Carrillo Law Center you will find professionals with the necessary expertise for both vehicle accidents and motorcycle accidents.

Our professional attention, knowledge and mastery over the conduct of this kind of process will help you achieve serenity, a resolution that is as beneficial as possible depending on the case, as well as compensation for each of the probable physical and psychological conditions.

Do not wait any longer, these types of situations are complicated. That is why you require the strength of experience on your side and with Carrillo Law Center you will have it from the first moment.

Check now through any of our service channels.

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