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Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Stockton, CA

Legal Support For Motorcycle Accidents in Northern California

Stockton motorcycle accident lawyers want to ensure you receive the compensation that is rightfully yours.

Are you looking for legal assistance to claim fair compensation as the victim of a motorcycle accident in Stockton?

Motorcycle accidents are one of the most common traffic events due to the fact that these means of transport are more unstable, less protected, as well as more difficult to be seen by other drivers.

According to Statista, it is estimated that within the last two yerars the state of California was number one for motorcycle registrations. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is a high rate of accidents in which this type of transport is involved.

The NHTSA states that more than 80 percent of all reported motorcycle accidents result in injury or death to the motorcyclist. But, insurance companies often find multiple ways to avoid making the corresponding payment for the damage caused.

Therefore, if you have suffered an accident of this type in Northern California, do not hesitate to consult the expert motorcycle accident lawyers at Carrillo Law Center Accident Attorney's.

We will assist you in obtaining fair compensation for the injuries caused.

Benefits of hiring an accident lawyer in Stockton

There are multiple ways in which you will benefit from hiring an accident lawyer in Stockton:

1.- You will get a fair settlement

When this type of claim occurs, insurers contact the affected party to offer a remuneration that does not cover all the damages generated.

It is not just about paying for current expenses such as those related to medical consultations, lost wages and motorcycle repairs. Compensation must take into account future aspects such as pain treatment and later psychological effects.

Therefore, a good motorcycle accident lawyer request a complete medical evaluation that provides a real perspective of the effects of the accident, so that you do not have to assume expenses that correspond to the respective insurance companies.

2.- Obtaining evidence on the state of health and its relationship with the accident

Insurers may want to dismiss some damages from the accident, alluding that the injuries are not so serious or that they are not a specific consequence of the event. Therefore, your lawyer will be in charge of compiling the medical diagnosis and other supporting documents that demonstrate your real condition after the accident.

Also those related to the event itself, such as police reports and witness statements, as well as videos that describe it. This will prevent insurers from transferring the responsibility of assuming expenses that correspond to them by law.

3.- Do not give in to pressure

Often Insurance companies will try to persuade you into accepting a low offer, a good lawyer will prevent you from getting more stress in a moment of weakness such as after an accident.

In addition to avoiding any intimidating practice, the lawyer will advise you on the real and legal guidelines of the accident, so that you fully recognize your rights and avoid accidentally falling into situations that affect your legitimate claim.

4.- Carry out legal actions against insurers

Although it is not always necessary, in your case the option may be to file a lawsuit so that a judge determines and requires compensation from the insurer.

In this case, the accident lawyer will be your ally when exercising your legal representation and fighting for your rights in court.

What to do if you have a motorcycle accident in Stockton - California?

There are several actions that you must do in case of a motorcycle accident:

1.- Call the emergency services

The first action you must do is call 911 to receive assistance and notify the authorities about the event. You also need to call the insurance company as well as your attorney.

2.- Take pictures and collect data

Depending on how you feel at the time of the accident, a good practice is to take pictures of the event where you can see its effects on people, objects, vehicles, among others.

If possible, try to obtain data such as license plates and a description of the vehicles involved in the incident, as well as those referring to the people who caused it or were affected and those of the witnesses.

3.- Go to a doctor

It doesn't matter if you don't feel pain, if you have just had an accident it is important that you receive a medical evaluation. On many occasions, injuries are not immediately observable but will damage your quality of life in the future.

Injury claims have a specific time by law to be made. Therefore, this is a very important step if you do not want to lose the opportunity and the right to claim your compensation properly.

3.- Do not express opinions

Try not to express any type of opinion on the fact, because it is possible that you end up being blamed for the accident even if it is not your fault. Call your motorcycle accident attorney at Carrillo Law Center Accident Attorney's in Stockton California, so that they can deal with the evidentiary details, while you dedicate your time to recovering from any physical and psychological consequences produced by this fact.

What should be taken into account in motorcycle accident compensation in California?

In general terms, there are some concepts that must be considered when determining compensation to an insured due to a motorcycle accident.

This involves medical expenses such as fees, medications and supplies. Also related to repairs or replacement of the vehicle, salaries, therapies, psychological aspects, loss of limbs and loss of spouse, as well as those related to scars and disfigurements.

All this requires evaluation of its current context and the consequences produced in the future.


Motorcycle accidents are very common accidents on the road, due to the fact that they are vehicles that present greater instability and are more difficult to be observed by other drivers.

In addition to medical assistance, the most advisable thing is that when an accident of this type happens to you, you request the help of an expert motorcycle accident lawyer, to:

  • Get fair compensation for the fact.

  • Collect evidence that demonstrates current and future effects of the event.

  • Do not fall under pressure from insurers to reduce your rights.

  • Exercise legal actions so that a judge requires fair compensation to be delivered.

In case you have an accident, it is important that you:

  • Call 911 to inform the authorities about the event.

  • Take pictures and collect some data, if possible.

  • Get medical help, even if you don't feel pain.

  • Do not issue opinions that may harm you later.

For compensation it is necessary to take into account all kinds of expenses for physical and psychological conditions resulting from the accident, decrease in income or suppression of wages, recovery of the vehicle either for repair or replacement, as well as those related to loss of spouse and of limbs or organs of the body.

If you want to assert your rights, contact the expert motorcycle accident lawyers at Carrillo Law Center Accident Attorney's at 209-900-2100. We will offer you the best care and we will advise you on the greatest benefits that can be obtained so that you have one less thing to worry about in the face of this type of event. Fee free to visit our Stockton office location at 333 E. Channel Street, Stockton, CA. Or visit our website at

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